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Have taught graphic design software at the following institutions: Academy X, Ciber Training, Synergy School, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, SFSU, Senior Surf, and private instruction. Am expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Flash, and other graphic and video programs. See separate page for testimonials.
Expert instructor in entire Microsoft Office suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (2003, 2007 and 2010, & Mac all versions). Have trained in corporate setting and private instruction. Proficient in Mac and Windows platforms. Also, provide technical support for repair and maintenance.
Story Street Created logo for Story Street, using Illustrator.
Multimedia Memoirs Created this logo for Multimedia Memoirs, using Illustrator.
Instructional poster designed for local Fire Department. Target audience was children to learn about fire safety.
Instructional poster on how to brew your own beer. Simple, step-by-step process on the beer making procedure designed for the newbie in the beer making world.
Photo restoration project, taking an old damaged photo and repairing it. More photos available by request.
SF Computer Training

This is the website for the "Business" side of my services. I created this using a popular CMS tool. Click here to go to it or click the icon.

My Prostatitis Symptoms website My Prostatitis Symptoms is a website for people with pelvic pain looking for self-treatment without medicine and doctors. Created using a CMS tool, also did the graphics, CMS and HTML.
Have designed several sites for Sotheby's International Realty. Click each link below to samples of the Flash-based websites I have created for Sotheby's. Click here to see one example.
Designed Senior Surf concept and website from the ground up. Started company in 2004. I am the owner, Director and lead Instructor.
Website created for an individual professional who wanted her own professional website. Click here to see site.
Created logo and website. Used Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator. A work in progress.
Create course Wiki (for a Learning Management System) for the Digital Storytelling class I have been teaching at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State for over two years.
Designed Story Street logo, concept and website from the ground up. This company creates digital stories and photo shows for life events, celebrations and life tributes. I am the co-Founder.
Conducted a series of how-to instructional videos for eHow (Expert Village) on Dreamweaver basics, Windows, Mac tutorials, Printer tech support, networking and much more. Link goes to Dreamweaver tutorial.
Created animation for Chiropractic website designed to educate the public on body pain injuries. Designed in Flash and Photoshop. See site for numerous examples.
Have taught Dreamweaver to beginners and intermediate level students at Ciber Training, Academy X, UC Santa Cruz and private instruction. CSS and HTML included.
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White paper I wrote on Information Architecture in Instructional and Web design.
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Task Analysis for school paper that lead to thesis work on an e-learning module used in a local 4th grade classroom.
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Final thesis work on Electricity e-learning module for my Master's work. Module was used by 4th grade instructor as a blended learning tool.
Created this sophisticated and professional video using Flash, Adobe Captivate and PowerPoint. ClearTask works with SalesForce as a partner.
Flash-based Electricity e-learning module created for 4th graders. Designed in Flash, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver. Note: fonts are a little funky in this version. Working on resolving that (think: Harry Potter font)
Instructional video created using Adobe Captivate video on SFSU's iLearn learning management system (LMS). May take some time to load up.
Project created for VolunteerMatch to assist website users have to navigate through their website. Designed in Camtasia.
Instructional information on Medicare Part D designed for Seniors. Designed in Acrobat Pro and Photoshop.


Video tutorials on various software programs including iPhoto, Picasa, One True Media, Audacity and Windows Basics. Used for Digital Storytelling class I have taught at UC Berkeley, San Francisco State University and Synergy School. Also used video tutorials for teaching seniors for my company Senior Surf Computer Education. Created with Camtasia.
Instructional video on how to make your own beer (I am featured!). Used Adobe Premier to edit video.
Project created for National Holistic Institute students how to create a website using a third party template. Used Adobe Captivate and PowerPoint.
Have created curriculum for dozens of tech-related training classes including Digital Storytelling, digital photography, Office applications, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign digital video editing software, and more.